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Business and Personal Tax Preparation Services

Professional tax strategists are paid to keep up with the tax code so you don't have to.  Our expertise can help ensure that you get all the deductions and credits you are eligible to receive. 

Income Tax (Business and Individual) – Today’s federal and state tax rules and regulations are complex and constantly changing.  They present a number of challenges for our clients.  We want to help you minimize your taxes with as many tax deductions and credits which are lawfully allowed.  Let us assist you in preparing your returns timely and accurately.

Example of returns:

  • 990 (Tax Exempt)
  • C Corp-Form 1120
  • S Corp-Form 1120S
  • Partnerships-Form 1065
  • Individual-Form 1040
  • 1040-X

Non-Income Tax (Property, Sales, Payroll, Form 1099 reporting) – We have experience in multiple areas of tax compliance and can handle all aspects of your federal and state payroll reporting. Additionally, we can prepare and file your monthly/quarterly/annual sales tax filings as well as your property tax renditions.

Tax Notices – Regardless of whether we prepared your tax filing, if you receive a tax notice contact us for assistance and we will either advise you of proper handling or take over the resolution process.

Advisory – If you need help with computing estimated quarterly income tax payments or understanding complex tax issues, we can research and provide assistance in these areas.  If you want to start up a new business, we can guide and advise you through the structure decision process.

We provide a free consultation with our new clients to better understand their needs.  This will make sure we can go forward with providing the right services and assist in developing our business relationship built on quality, integrity, and professionalism.  Contact us today and we will get back with you promptly to schedule an initial meeting.

It all comes down to Service.

What our clients really want to know…

  1. They are getting all the deductions they deserve.
  2. They are paying as little tax as possible
  3. They are staying out of trouble with the IRS